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through California's Golden Past

a Children's book written and illustrated by Patti Jacquemain


Journey of the Great Bear is a fascinating tale of a Grizzly Bear who has traveled to California to learn of his distant cousins who had previously lived there.  Immediately upon arrival, he meets Great Horned Owl, who is very wise and knowledgeable.  Owl agrees to relate the poignant story about the fate of grizzlies who had lived on the land now called California since the Ice Age.  This delightful book is a lyrical combination of Jacquemain's written word and the beauty of her woodblock prints.


36pp, 8½" x 11¾ ", over 30 full color illustrations, laminated hard bound edition with dust jacket


ISBN-13: 978-0-929702-10-0

ISBN-10: 0-929702-10-7


PJP008 - $16.95



Winged Spirits: Wild Birds of the West

by Patti Jacquemain


Winged Spirits - Wild Birds of the West, is the creation of artist Patti Jacquemain, long esteemed for her passion for nature and the originality and beauty of her woodcuts. In this adventurous book of delightful surprises, she introduces her latest excursions into the ancient form of art known as mosaics. Each page brings new pleasures to the eye and inspiration to the soul. The innate strength and organic quality of her woodcut prints and mosaics are ideal mediums for Jacquemain’s subjects, the wild birds of the west. Interwoven throughout the book are personal observations by Jacquemain and noted authors and naturalists, commenting with insight and humor. Jacquemain’s zest, warmth, and deep commitment to the survival of the natural world infuse her art and writing with a special relevance and magic. Bird and nature lovers of all ages will enjoy and treasure this book.


80 pages, 9½ " x 11½ ", 100 illustrations

ISBN-10: 0-929702-06-9 (hard cover)

                0-929702-07-7 (soft cover)


Hard Cover (PJP005)- $45.00

Soft Cover (PJP006)- $28.00

Winged Spirits Book



by Patti Jacquemain


Here is an artistic calendar that will never go out of date. Record, and remember those important annually recurring events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) from year to year. Jacquemain has brought this calendar to life by illustrating it with her beautiful woodcut prints of birds and other western wildlife. Turn the pages from January to December and view a lone bluebird atop a snow covered tree, a red fox, a condor flying with the wind, wild geese of Montana, a Bobcat peering at you through the grass, colorful golden poppies of California, and many, many more. Each month introduces a new, vivid image from Jacquemain’s vast library of original woodcut prints. Remember the special events of your life with a Jacquemain Perpetual Calendar.


12 pages, 5 " x 17", 26 illustrations


(PJP004) - $15.00


WILD BIRDS of Santa Barbara


by Patti Jacquemain


Perpetual calendars never go out of date. With them you can record, and remember those important recurring events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) from year to year. Her last perpetual calendar featuring many of her wildlife woodblock prints was an instant success.  In this latest edition, Jacquemain combines both her beautiful woodcut prints of birds with her latest media, mosaics, of our winged friends. Many of the mosaic images found in this calendar can be seen throughout Santa Barbara. As with her previous calendar, each month introduces a new, vivid image from Jacquemain’s vast library of original artwork.  Proceeds from all sales of this calendar benefit the goals of the Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation.


12 pages, 8 " x 14", 26 illustrations


(PCSB) - $25.00