The Foundation



The Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation was founded in 2003 by Artist Patti Jacquemain, a long-time Santa Barbara resident with a lifelong interest in wildlife and the natural world. It is an outgrowth of Jacquemain's personnal commitment and concern for wild animals found not only in California but those found througout the West.


Mindful of the fate of the California grizzly bear (there were about 10,000 Grizzly Bears living in California in the mid-1800;s and today there are none), the Grizzly stands as a reminder of what can happen to all wildlife if we don't do something to protect them.  The Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation supports the protection and preservation of wild animals in California and the Western United States.


The Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation's mission is to provide private support to preserve the wildlife of California and the West through education, conservation, collaboration, and inspiration.  To carry out its mission and guide its activities, the Foundation has developed a four-point program, as follows:


1. Provide educational programs for both children and adults on wildlife and wildlife preservation in California and other regions of the West.


2. Support conservation of wildlife and help wildlife in need through the support of other nonprofit organizations directly involved in wildlife preservation efforts.


3. Collaborate with other nonprofit organizations to design and support wildlife preservation initiatives.


4. Provide inspiration for the future through the Creekspirit Wildlife Library, the Dome of the Great Bear and the Creekspirit gardens.


Officers and Directors:

President: Patti Jacquemain
Vice President: Marian Kauffman
Treasurer: David W. Gledhill
Secretary: Salvador Malendez

Kate Godfrey

Laurie Koc

Ursula O'Conner

Suzanne Weakley

Advisory Board:

Page Bolin

Patty Burns

Marianne Gasiewski