The Wild Bird Terrace

The Gardens of Creekspirit

What is Creekspirit?



Creekspirit is the creation of Artist Patti Jacquemain and is located on the banks of seasonal Mission Creek in Santa Barbara's Mission Canyon area.  It comprises over two acres of redwood trees, native plants, ferns, flowers, and mosaic art. Still in a natural setting, Creekspirit has evolved over the years into a "Garden of Art" in which has been installed many of Jacquemain's mosaic pieces produced over the years, reflecting the essence of her artistic creativity.  The centerpiece of Creekspirit is the "Dome of the Great Bear" in which are installed several mosaic plaques that pay tribute to the California Grizzly Bear who no longer inhabits California .   When strolling the garden, one comes across a large Koi pond, the mosaic Wild Bird Terrace, and the Gledhill Grove (a large tree covered picnic area).  Throughout the garden, visitors will find Jacquemain's colorful mosaics, many set in stone, of birds, mammals, butterflys, and the wildlife found in and around the area. 


The design of Creekspirit reflects a feeling of peacefulness, spirituality, and quiet beauty.  One can almost visualize, when looking at the mosaics, the wildlife that once lived and inhabited the area.


A short video describing the use of Creekspirit to further the goals of the Foundation can be seen by clicking HERE.



 The Dome of the Great Bear