Past Creekspirits' Events
Month/Year Speaker
March 2010 Joan Lentz, Naturalist and expert on birds
April 2010 Ines Roberts, Nature Photographer on GiftYou/MagicPlaces/DelightsVanity
May 2010 Joanne St. John, Wildlife Care Network Board Member
June 2010 Kate McCurdy, Director UCSB Sedgwick Reserve on the Bears of Yosemite
July 2010 Bud Bottoms, Artist/Sculpturer (Dolphin Fountain)
November 2010 Ines Roberts, Photographic Presentation on Alaska
December 2010 Holiday Tea Party
January 2011 Karen Blumenshine on Santa Cruz Island Horses
February 2011 Jan Timbrook on the Chumash
April 2011 Sally Isaacson on Spring Wildflowers
May 2011 Jan Hamber on California Condors
June 2011 Kirby Gillespie on the Hearts Adaptive Riding Program
August 2011 First Annual BBQ at Creekspirit
October 2011 Stacey Otte, ED Wildling Art Museum on the Channel Islands
November 2011 Steve Windhager, CEO Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens
January 2012 Valentine Day Tea Party
February 2012 Bob Muller on the Trees of Santa Barbara
March 2012 Field Trip to UCSB Sedgwick Reserve and Wildling Art Museum
April 2012 Fred Emerson on the Environment
May 2012 Anne-Marie Castleberg on Alice Keck Park
June 2012 J.J. Hollister on the Arroyo Hondo Ranch
July 2012 2d Annual BBQ at Creekspirit
September 2012 Dr. Karl Hutterer on the SB Museum of Natural History
January 2013 Field Trip to the Santa Barbara Beach (Tidepooling)
February 2013 2d Annual Valentine Day Tea Party
March 2013 Gabriele Drozdowski, SB Audobon Society on Raptors
April 2013 Field Trip to Arroyo Hondo Ranch with J.J. Hollister
May 2013 Linda Miller on Print Collection History
June 2013 Rich Block, CEO Santa Barbara Zoo
July 2013 3d Annual BBQ at Creekspirit
September 2013 Luke Swetland, New ED SB Museum of Natural History
November 2013 Ines Roberts, Nature Phtographer on the Missions of California
January 2014 Stacey Otte, ED Wildling Art Museum
February 2014 3d Annual Valentine Day Tea Party
March 2014 Field Trip and Guided Tour of SB Museum of Natural History
April 2014 Field Trip and Guided Tour of New Wildling Art Museum Facility in Solvang
May 2014 Joan Lentz on A Naturalist Guide to Santa Barbara
June 2014 The Condor's Shadow, a DVD shown by filmmaker and producer Jeff McLoughlin
July 2014 Huckleberry Pancake Brunch Fundraising Event at Creekspirit
September 2014 Peter Howorth, Biologist and founder of the Marine Mammal Consulting Group
November 2014 Lynn Brittner, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Historical Museum
December 2014 A Christmas Program by the Madrigal Singers of Santa Barbara High School
January 2015 Patti Jacquemain presentation on some "special" critters found in Santa Barbara
February 2015 Ines Roberts, slide program on her trip to snow country
March 2015 Greg Gorga, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, "Point Conception Lighthouse"
April 2015 Denise Knapp, Director of Conservation and Research at the Botanic Garden, "Pollinators in Peril".
May 2015 Frank Hein, Director of Exhibits, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, "To Catch an Eagle, Life in the Field?\"
June 2015 Judy Larsen, Director of the Westmont Art Gallery
July 2015 Richard Salas, Author/Underwater Photographer
September 2015 Steve Windhanger, ED Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
October 2015 Beth Pratt, California Regional Director, National Wildlife Federation
February 2016 Chet Work, Executive Director, Land Trust for Santa Barbara County
March 2016 Field trip to Ojai Rapture Center coordinated by Berkeley Meigs
April 2016 Candace Winkler, CEO Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation
May 2016 Kirk Redmond, ED, Santa Barbara Channel Keeper
July 2016 Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung, Author of "Remarkable Women of California"
September 2016 Stacey Otte-Demangate, ED Wildling Museum of Art & Nature, "Celebrating the National Parks of California"
November 2016 Kristina Foss, "Secrets of the Old Mission Santa Barbara"
December 2016 Holiday Preview at the Creekspirit Garden of Art
January 2017 Kate McCurdy, Resident Director, UCSB Sedgwick Reserve
February 2017 Annual Picnic & Valentine Tea coordinated by Anna Lafferty.  Talk by Dave Gledhill on plans for upcoming tour of the Oregon Coast in October.
March 2017 Ines Roberts program of her slides set to music
April 2017 Jeff Kuypers, ED Los Padres Forestwatch, "Journey through the backcountry of California's Central Coast.
June 2017 Field Trip to the UCSB Sedgwick Reserve.
July 2017 Jace Turner, Communications Director, Santa Barbara Public Library, "Why Libraries are More Essential than Ever."
September 2017 Member & Guest BBQ at Creekspirit
November 2017 Greg Gorga, ED Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, "History of the Santa Barbara Waterfront"